Call to Shop by Phone — Toll-free Phone numbers

Welcome to St. Croix Shop! To order by phone or to speak with a representative during store hours, please call the St. Croix Shop near you:


ATLANTA 800-816-8393
CHICAGO 800-969-2888
DALLAS 877-705-9298
DENVER 800-397-9801
LAS VEGAS 800-772-1412
MINNEAPOLIS 800-487-9305
NEWPORT BEACH 800-366-6964
SAN JOSE 888-379-0337
SCOTTSDALE 800-828-5886
TROY 800-276-6880


St.Croix Shop offers the finest men's knitwear, outerwear, sportshirts, trousers and hosiery.


We proudly provide the finest quality products to all our customers. 


Shop St. Croix Shop the way you prefer: online, in stores or call to shop the catalog by phone.