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Celebrating 60 Years of Men's Luxury Sportswear Fashions

Welcome to St. Croix Shop!

Knitcraft, the parent company of St. Croix Shop, has celebrated 60 years of producing the finest knitwear in the world in our Winona, Minnesota facility. Though we are sometimes affectionately referred to as the best-kept secret in men’s luxury apparel, our dedication to the finest quality has won a dedicated following

“You cannot, at any price, from any source in the world, buy a better sweater. You can only pay more.” This statement by our founder, Bernard Brenner, was true when Knitcraft was established in 1960, and it still underscores our philosophy today. We continue to innovate in the design and manufacturing of knitwear and have over the years expanded our collection to include jackets as well — all made in America. In fact, we hold many patents for technological advances that help make our knitwear superior than any in the world.

St. Croix has a long history of placement in high-end fashion retailers in the United States. Though we are not unaffected by the significant changes in economic climate worldwide, we continue to enjoy steady growth both here and abroad. Our St. Croix Shops, independently owned specialty stores featuring St. Croix collections, are located in premier retail centers across the U.S.

It is a matter of national (and personal) pride that we can confidently claim there is no finer men’s knitwear made anywhere to surpass our quality. All St. Croix knitwear and outerwear garments are individually handcrafted in the United States and hand-finished to guarantee the highest standard of quality and fit. To ensure their exclusivity, only limited quantities of each garment are produced. The St. Croix collection also features a fully coordinated line of trousers, sport shirts, and hosiery crafted to our exacting standards exclusively for us by the finest manufacturers in Italy.

Our designers scout out the finest raw materials and latest fashions on an international level, combining them to create garments that are on trend and meet the highest standards of excellence. St. Croix’s unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, fit and design have earned recognition throughout the world. Each garment combines contemporary, up-to-date European styling with an American fit and color palette. Every uniquely patterned shirt, sweater and jacket is cut, assembled, and finished by hand to ensure that it is consistent with the unrivaled quality standards for which St. Croix has become well known. Each of the limited quantity designs is created with the idea that every detail matters, and we strive to create the very finest for you.

Explore our exceptional line of sportswear so that you may see for yourself the unparalleled quality of goods we make — and have made for 60 years — right here in America. Watch here for our Fall 2020 Collection coming very soon.

Fall 2020